About Us

Know us, then trust us

Mitra Agung Sejati

PT Mitra Agung Sejati was established in 1998 and grew to be one of leading companies in distribution and formulating general and specialty chemicals.

We have set long-term goals and visions to be a company which serves the needs of its customers efficiently and effectively. Over the years, this decision has made us grow many folds in size of operations, paid-up capital as well as sales turnover.

As we endeavor to provide quality products at competitive prices and to render efficient services, we are proud to know that we have earned for ourselves, a good reputation for reliability and efficiency among our client. We strive to keep our customers satisfied, for the progress of our company depends so much on their continuing support and goodwill.

Business Plan

In order to serve our customers better, we will be dynamic and flexible in our outlook. In our continuing desire to grow with our customer and supplier, we have developed and expanded as follows:

  • Streamlined our sales operations into two divisions, namely Specialty and General Chemicals.
  • Set up an office and warehouse in Kawasan Industri Jababeka Phase III, to serve our customer in EJIP, Jababeka, Hyundai, MM 2100, Cibitung, Karawang, Purwakarta faster and with better service.
In this fast-changing and demanding market environment, we constantly need to listen to our customers and cooperate with our principals at the same time. With this in mind, we shall continue to strive towards expanding our business operations to meet your requirements.


Our main activities are:

  • Imports
  • Stockist
  • Indents
  • Distribution
  • Repackaging and Formulating

Line of Business

  • A very wide range of chemicals for various industrial applications, such as surface treatment and water treatment
  • Waste water treatment chemicals, thinner and solvent
  • Industrial cleaner and metal working fluid
  • Etc

Our Product Policy

Our product range is being updated and expanded continuously. All listed items are stocked in our warehouses. Our practice has been always to provide quality and ready supplies to our customers. This is the fundamental principle that underlines the company’s trading policies.

Business Network


We hold the distributions agencies to most of our products which we import from Japan, Germany, Australia, China and the Asean countries etc. Our suppliers include manufacturers of inorganic/organic chemicals, specialty and fine chemicals. They are used in a variety of industries and industrial purposes such as water treatment, electronic, printed circuit boards, glass manufacturer,electroplating,textile, cleaning agents/lubricants, chemicals and ingredients etc.

Our Quality Assurance

We are committed to a policy of providing the highest level of quality products and services. In additions, we are also constantly seeking out to get in touch with global credible suppliers and principals who are able to perform to match the ever high expectations of customers of today. By focusing our attention on our customers, and combined it with the high standard of manufactured products of our principals, we will continue to meet the challenges ahead as demanded in the market place.

Our Facilities

The company owns its warehousing facilities. In the competitive business environment, we seek to provide a service which is reliable, flexible and versatile to ensure total customer satisfaction by making their deliveries always on time and to specifications. To meet these requirements, we have an adequate and efficient team of trained material handling personnel and delivery trucks to provide a reliable and prompt delivery service.

We will continue to invest in system upgrading so as to enhance our existing material handling operations.

Our Philosophy

The Company aims and strives to provide the highest level of quality products with competitive prices and service. Our policy of maintaining integrity and trust is vital in allowing our customers to count on us for reliability.